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Health and Life Insurance in Indiana

Whether you need individual or group health insurance trust on the insurance experts from Steve Yount Insurance. With over 35 years of insurance experience our family-owned business will help you find the right plan for you, your family, or your employees. We offer coverage from multiple providers to ensure that you will always get the best plan that will suit your needs and budget. We will help you compare rates and products, and provide you with expert opinions and advice on the best plans and carriers.
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Group Health Insurance

When you need to provide your employees with health insurance, turn to group health insurance coverage that is affordable and reliable! Steve Yount Insurance can provide you with a wide variety of insurances from several different companies to ensure that you find the insurance plan for you and your company. Group health insurance can cover not only the employer and employees, but often can also cover any dependents. Health insurance is one thing that many potential employees are looking for in today's market, and ensuring that they have the right coverage for themselves and their loved ones. Even if your employee has a history of medical problems, no one can be turned down, unlike an individual plan. When you are interested in giving your business the competitive edge with potential employees, call 812-246-1700 and let Steve Yount Insurance do the shopping for you!

Individual Health Insurance

If your family is in need of a comprehensive health care and life plan that your company or government assistance program cannot provide then consider looking at affordable individual health care plans with the help of Steve Yount Insurance. Our insurance professionals will provide you with the most competitive rates from a variety of the nation's top insurance carriers. We will help you customize a plan that will not only meet your specific needs but your specific budget as well. If you are interested in learning more about your individual health insurance options call us today at 812-246-1700.